Want to be free of pain and eat what you like again?

If you have IBS, often feel bloated, or suspect a food intolerance is causing digestive discomfort, Kym can help. Are test results from your GP clear, but your symptoms haven't improved? Kym will explore possible dietary factors, and explain the foods that will help you feel better. Start enjoying food again!

Your initial consultation

We'll discuss in detail: what you want to achieve; your health issue and symptoms; relevant medical history; and your current diet and lifestyle.

Kym will explain: the factors, including nutritional imbalances, which may be causing an impact; and a clear strategy to support your digestive health.

Together: we will agree an initial action plan to get you started. You'll get practical advice with tips to motivate you along the way: quick and easy recipes, foods to focus on and useful shopping lists. £80: book here


Your follow-up consultations

After 2–4 weeks: we'll review and build on your health action plan, moving you closer to reaching your goal. It gives you the chance to ask questions, prepare for challenges and feel supported, too.

Kym may recommend: functional tests to evaluate how well your body is working; with a targeted supplement programme if needed. These may be available via your GP.
£60: book here

How many consultations?

I recommend a minimum of two appointments, to get you on the road to better digestive health. Often 3-4 sessions are enough for sustained results, but remember that change takes time.

FEEL YOUR BEST: Make those changes last. Book two follow-ups (normally £120) and pay a reduced price of £100. Book now

BEAT IBS FOR GOOD: I'll help you get out of pain and enjoy food again, with the evidence-based low FODMAP diet: 5 tailored consultations, weekly email support and all the tools to help you feel great again for just £300. Book now