Personalised nutrition + training = more bounce

Combining expert advice from a nutrition consultant and a personal trainer, this package has your name on it if you want to bounce into Spring feeling fit.

Exercise and eating well can make a huge improvement to how you look and feel, and combined they are even more powerful. A nourishing diet can give you more energy to go to the gym and stay active, as well as getting faster results from your hard work. That’s the difference between getting in good shape, and getting in great shape.

The ‘Bounce into Spring’ package combines expert advice from Kym at pip nutrition with personal training from our lovely partner in health, Artan. Whether you want to lose weight or improve your wellbeing, an hour-long session with each expert can get you on track to achieving your goal. The package includes a health and fitness assessment, a personal training session and one-to-one nutritional consultation. And it’s great value at £75, giving you a discount of £30.

Kym Lang is a qualified nutritional therapist (FdSc DipION). She can help you be - and stay - healthy while still enjoying delicious food, supporting you towards optimum health with plenty of motivating tips. In the pip nutrition consulting room and kitchen, Kym can show you how healthy eating can fit with your lifestyle.

Artan Tafilaj is an accomplished personal trainer (Reps Level 3). His friendly and relaxed approach will make you feel positive about your personal training goals – and with his expertise you’ll get great results. Artan offers training in and around London, wherever it suits you - your home, office or even the park. Check out Artan's facebook page:

It’s easy to book your personalised nutrition and training package – just get in touch with Kym on 07748 246 927 or at