New! Spring in your step package

Do you want to feel light, vital and energetic? Get more spring in your step this Spring, with pip nutrition’s great value 3-consultation package.

Now is a great opportunity to spring clean your health. With Summer’s outdoor fun still a little way off, Spring is a good time to start encouraging your body and mind to come back into balance.

To support your spring clean, pip nutrition’s ‘Spring in your step’ package includes an initial comprehensive nutrition consultation with Kym, plus two follow-up appointments within three months to get you on the road to being, and staying, full of vitality. Kym will support you toward optimum health with advice and support about eating well that's tailored to you, so the results are positive and lasting long beyond summertime. The package is £135, giving you the benefit of a reduced price third consultation.

Eating well for vitality and lightness can be effortless – and enjoyable – when you know how. Spring is a great time to experiment with fresh new flavours and pip nutrition can give you lots of ideas, or even give your kitchen cupboards a Spring makeover – well the contents, anyway!

Book your three-stage ‘Spring in your step’ package by calling Kym on 07748 246 927 or emailing