The Sunlight Sets: When love wobbles, wait for breakfast

A new set menu from the Sunlight Sets: light, easy to digest menus we can all enjoy.

Life’s not always rosy. You’re both tired, your tolerance is low. Someone snaps, and sore words are thrown. There’s tears, or time outs (depending on your age). So you get out of your own way and head for the kitchen. Tomorrow is another day, and breakfast is a good time to reunite. Can you summon just enough energy to concoct a special meal that will be ready in the morning? Find the expensive green tea leaves in your cupboard and mix them with mint. Overnight oats, summer’s equivalent to porridge, blooms with rose and raspberries. Adding chia seeds to fruit creates a jam as wobbly as you feel, but don’t worry – it calms down overnight. Make the lovely gesture. Be the one who goes first. Roses are red, berries are blue. Breakfast is served, and I love you.

Rose berry bircher 1Rose-raspberry overnight oats

Ingredients: 80g porridge oats · 60ml milk · 60ml water · 2 tbsp natural live yoghurt · 12 raspberries · 1 apple · ½ tsp vanilla essence · ¼ tsp rosewater
To serve: 2 tbsp yoghurt · 2 tsp flaxseed · 2 tsp flaked or chopped nuts · ½ tsp cinnamon

Method: Mix the oats, milk, water and yoghurt in a container with a lid. Grate half the apple and chop the rest into small chunks. Add to the container along with the raspberries, vanilla and rosewater and fold through gently. Cover the container and leave your Bircher muesli in the fridge overnight. In the morning, add extra milk if your muesli is too thick. Top with yoghurt, flaxseed, nuts and cinnamon, and say I love you. Makes 2 (of course). 

Blueberry ginger chia jam

Ingredients: 180g fresh or frozen blueberries · 2½ tbsp chia seeds · ½ ball stem ginger and 1 tsp of the syrup (or use honey)

Method: Find an old jam jar, and rinse it in boiling water then dry off. Give the berries a whiz in the blender, then spoon into the jar. Chop the stem ginger finely and add to the jar with the syrup, chia seeds and 1 tbsp warm water. Put the lid on the jar, and shake to mix. Put in the fridge to set. Stir after an hour, then put back in the fridge overnight. Keeps for 3 days. 

Iced mint green tea

Ingredients: 3 tsp loose leaf green tea (or 4 teabags) · 1 tbsp fresh mint leaves, tightly packed

Method: Put the tea and mint leaves in a one litre carafe, and fill with water. Cover and put in the fridge overnight. Strain into your favourite glasses, and serve over ice if it’s hot outside. Drink all morning.