Impromptu picnic? Here's my top 5 foods

Low FODMAP picnic snacks? It's a walk in the park!

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A client asked me today about ideas for low FODMAP picnic food she could pick up at the supermarket. While a homemade picnic is lovely and idyllic, an impromptu gathering in a London park at lunchtime or after work is arguably more fun - and you don't want to waste a moment! Here's my top five low FODMAP off-the-supermarket-shelf snack foods. What are yours?

  1. Pre-cut low FODMAP fruit and vegetables. Tesco have a great snack pack with grapes, pineapple, tomato, cucumber and carrot sticks
  2. Protein pots - tuna, boiled egg - from your favourite takeaway lunch spot, like Pret or Itsu; or packets of sliced chicken breast from the supermarket aisle
  3. Genius gluten-free pitta bread, and Kallo rice cakes or corn cakes
  4. Yoghurt pots, whether goat’s, lacto-free or coconut varieties
  5. Babybel cheese with rice crackers, fresh fruit and olives

Focus on whole foods, rather than pre-packaged salads which often contain high FODMAP sauces, vegetables and/or grains. Of course you can leave the sauce to one side and pick out any high FODMAP vegetables but who wants to do that at a relaxing picnic! Enjoy the sunshine. Kym