Exclusive recipe: one-bite bliss balls

You won't be able to resist these choc seed bliss balls - love your gut!

Pip nutrition has arrived in Crouch End, N8. I spent a fun afternoon on the shop floor at the Haelan Centre on the Broadway on Thursday, giving free 10 minute taster sessions to customers and handing out one-bite choc seed bliss balls. And they went down a STORM. I got so much great feedback - including people asking if I will be selling them in the store! - that I really want to share the recipe with you.

Full of healthy fibre, these balls will help you love your gut. They contain prunes instead of dates, so they are lower in sugar than most bliss balls. My choc seed bliss balls are dairy- and nut-free, so they are great to share with kids and work buddies alike. And you can even eat them if you're on the low FODMAP diet for IBS.

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Bliss balls