How to avoid pain and bloating during Christmas

In my guide to avoiding festive overindulgence in Harper's Bazaar magazine, I explain how to practice mindful eating this Christmas.

While indulgent festive feasting is one of the joys associated with Christmas, it can take a toll on the tummy. Bloating and a round, hard stomach can be tough to deal with, especially when pain, wind and constipation come along for the ride. In December's Harper's Bazaar, I talk about mindful eating over Christmas and how to avoid festive overindulgence.

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combatting festive overindulgence

Image from Harper's Bazaar


1. Choose your drinks wisely


2. Eat little and often


3. Slow down


4. Get your fibre in


5. Go for the turkey

6. Prep your gut



Wishing you a fantastic Christmas. 


Your digestive health coach,

Kym at pip nutrition

6 December 2018