Dear (food) Diary

Sometimes, it helps to know why you eat, as well as what you eat.

Filling in a food diary doesn't take much, just a few minutes of scribbling down everything you eat over a few days. Yep, it can even be fun. And it can provide your friendly nutrition consultant – that’s us! – with a wealth of information before your appointment.

Sometimes, it helps to know how and where you eat, too: your lifestyle can be as important a factor as any nutritional imbalance when it comes to a symptom or health concern. And what about how you feel when you eat? Emotions and food often go together. Think about eating to celebrate, eating when you’re stressed… a food and mood diary can really help clarify any emotions that you associate with food.

If you feel like it (because after all, this is about feelings) print out pip nutrition's food and mood diary and make some notes for the next three days, thinking about:

  • How were you feeling before you ate?
  • Where were you, and who were you with?
  • What else were you doing while you were eating?
  • Did you eat quickly or calmly?
  • Did you eat normal portions?
  • How do you feel now?

Perhaps there’s a regular time or situation that triggers a craving, or a food you eat when you’re feeling a certain way. Your food and mood diary can help us uncover together how you connect to food, and decide how you will take back the reins. Small tweaks to your lifestyle may make the difference, like an alternative to managing stress or filling your desk drawer with healthy snacks that actually taste good (we have sooo many with your name on them). Sometimes, just seeing the patterns can be enough to let go of them.

“Dear Diary: This could be quite enlightening… ”

Download the pip nutrition food and mood diary