Bananas on the low FODMAP diet: yes or no?

Don't go bananas: while ripe ones are high FODMAP, there is another way to eat your favourite fruit.









Don't go bananas at me, but the latest testing from the FODMAP research team at Monash University shows that ripe bananas are high FODMAP (fructans). New foods are being tested all the time, but it's frustrating when one of your favourites turns out to be something that might actually trigger your IBS. But... there's a yellow brick road in sight.

A medium size unripe banana should be tolerated by most people with IBS, so try it out! Instead of choosing a banana with brown spots, pick the one that's just turning yellow from green. My top tip for summer is to cut an unripe banana into 1cm slices, freeze on a tray and then enjoy this tasty, icy snack. You can also use your frozen unripe bananas in smoothies or banana 'icecream' (just put the slices in a blender, and whiz whiz whiz). No more worries about ripe bananas.

f you're okay with ripe bananas, a third of a medium one is relatively low in fructans. So keep on eating them if you can tolerate it. As always on the low FODMAP diet, it's about low rather than no.