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Welcome to pip speaks. Here you’ll find recipes that your stomach will love, inspired by my eating adventures across the world; tips for balancing digestive problems with real life; and the latest news on gut health, including the low FODMAP diet for IBS. Join me in the pursuit of good health and good food in London. Don't let IBS hold you back!


The pip philosophy

14 March 2012

Pip nutrition can help you be and stay healthy, while still enjoying delicious food. Meet Kym, and find out more about the pip philosophy.

Match(a) this!

29 February 2012

OK, so we all know about the potential health benefits of green tea by now. But let's bring out the big guns - matcha.

It’s all about balance

4 February 2012

Not everything has to be black (skies) or white (snow) this winter. What about experiencing life in glorious technicolour?

Your winter seasonal shopping basket

23 January 2012

It’s winter, so add venison, Jerusalem artichokes and kale to your seasonal shopping basket.

Stock up your healthy kitchen

18 January 2012

Combine a few store cupboard essentials and basic staples with a shopping basket of seasonal delights, and whip up all sorts of delicious food.

Do something different

6 January 2012

January. The month of bleak, boring and broke! Don’t let it get to you – start the new year with a different approach.