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Welcome to pip speaks. Here you’ll find recipes that your stomach will love, inspired by my eating adventures across the world; tips for balancing digestive problems with real life; and the latest news on gut health, including the low FODMAP diet for IBS. Join me in the pursuit of good health and good food in London. Don't let IBS hold you back!


"Kym's advice about my acid reflux has been invaluable" - Dan's story

17 August 2018

Dan learnt how to keep his acid reflux and bloating under control, without giving up the foods he loves.

The Sunlight Sets: Let me tell you a story

12 July 2018

A new set menu from the Sunlight Sets: light, easy to digest menus we can all enjoy.

The best bread for IBS sufferers

20 April 2018

You don't have to give up bread if you have IBS. No, really! I share my top (tasty) IBS-friendly loaves.

6 foods to ease bloating and help digestion

20 April 2018

Tired of feeling bloated? I recommend foods to fill up on for less gas and gurgles and groaning, in Women's Health magazine online.

Clever ways to quit sugar: how to do it, and what to eat

24 February 2018

Are you ready to quit sugar? I tell you how to do it (and come out the other side) in Women's Health magazine.

Premenstrual water retention: 8 ways to beat it with food

24 February 2018

This month I'm talking to Women's Health magazine about how you can beat the monthly bloat.

Free intro to diet and IBS: Friday 23 February 2018

10 February 2018

Want to get out of pain and enjoy food again? Come to my free talk to hear my 3 secrets to managing IBS with diet.

The Sunlight Sets: BB = best buddies and... a secret ingredient

12 January 2018

A new set menu from the Sunlight Sets: light, easy to digest menus we can all enjoy.

Black bean tempeh with lime coriander dressing (vegan)

4 January 2018

Need a dish to get you through Veganuary feeling good in every way? I'm dishing up black bean tempeh with a zesty dressing.

It's Veganuary! How to make it through the month healthy and happy

4 January 2018

Vegan-curious, but nervous about going hungry? Here’s my advice for healthy, plant-based food with flavour.